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Teaching an old dog new tricks
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26 #include "config.h"
27 #include <stdbool.h>
29 struct Address;
30 struct CryptKeyInfo;
31 struct PgpKeyInfo;
32 struct SmimeKey;
34 extern bool C_CryptUsePka;
35 extern bool C_CryptConfirmhook;
36 extern bool C_CryptOpportunisticEncrypt;
38 extern bool C_CryptProtectedHeadersRead;
39 extern bool C_CryptProtectedHeadersSave;
41 extern bool C_SmimeIsDefault;
42 extern bool C_PgpIgnoreSubkeys;
43 extern bool C_PgpLongIds;
44 extern bool C_PgpShowUnusable;
45 extern bool C_PgpAutoinline;
46 extern char * C_PgpDefaultKey;
47 extern char * C_PgpSignAs;
48 extern char * C_PgpEntryFormat;
49 extern char * C_SmimeDefaultKey;
50 extern char * C_SmimeSignAs;
51 extern char * C_SmimeEncryptWith;
52 extern char * C_CryptProtectedHeadersSubject;
53 extern struct Address *C_EnvelopeFromAddress;
54 extern bool C_CryptTimestamp;
55 extern unsigned char C_PgpEncryptSelf;
56 extern unsigned char C_PgpMimeAuto;
57 extern bool C_PgpRetainableSigs;
58 extern bool C_PgpSelfEncrypt;
59 extern bool C_PgpStrictEnc;
60 extern unsigned char C_SmimeEncryptSelf;
61 extern bool C_SmimeSelfEncrypt;
62 extern bool C_CryptUseGpgme;
63 extern bool C_PgpCheckExit;
65 extern struct Regex * C_PgpDecryptionOkay;
66 extern struct Regex * C_PgpGoodSign;
67 extern long C_PgpTimeout;
68 extern bool C_PgpUseGpgAgent;
69 extern char * C_PgpClearsignCommand;
70 extern char * C_PgpDecodeCommand;
71 extern char * C_PgpDecryptCommand;
72 extern char * C_PgpEncryptOnlyCommand;
73 extern char * C_PgpEncryptSignCommand;
74 extern char * C_PgpExportCommand;
75 extern char * C_PgpGetkeysCommand;
76 extern char * C_PgpImportCommand;
77 extern char * C_PgpListPubringCommand;
78 extern char * C_PgpListSecringCommand;
79 extern char * C_PgpSignCommand;
80 extern char * C_PgpVerifyCommand;
81 extern char * C_PgpVerifyKeyCommand;
82 extern short C_PgpSortKeys;
83 extern bool C_SmimeAskCertLabel;
84 extern char * C_SmimeCaLocation;
85 extern char * C_SmimeCertificates;
86 extern char * C_SmimeDecryptCommand;
87 extern bool C_SmimeDecryptUseDefaultKey;
88 extern char * C_SmimeEncryptCommand;
89 extern char * C_SmimeGetCertCommand;
90 extern char * C_SmimeGetCertEmailCommand;
91 extern char * C_SmimeGetSignerCertCommand;
92 extern char * C_SmimeImportCertCommand;
93 extern char * C_SmimeKeys;
94 extern char * C_SmimePk7outCommand;
95 extern char * C_SmimeSignCommand;
96 extern char * C_SmimeSignDigestAlg;
97 extern long C_SmimeTimeout;
98 extern char * C_SmimeVerifyCommand;
99 extern char * C_SmimeVerifyOpaqueCommand;
100 extern bool C_PgpAutoDecode;
101 extern unsigned char C_CryptVerifySig;
103 struct SmimeKey *dlg_select_smime_key(struct SmimeKey *keys, char *query);
104 struct PgpKeyInfo *dlg_select_pgp_key(struct PgpKeyInfo *keys, struct Address *p, const char *s);
105 struct CryptKeyInfo *dlg_select_gpgme_key(struct CryptKeyInfo *keys, struct Address *p, const char *s, unsigned int app, int *forced_valid);
107 #endif /* MUTT_NCRYPT_PRIVATE_H */
bool C_CryptConfirmhook
Config: Prompt the user to confirm keys before use.
Definition: config.c:40
char * C_SmimeSignCommand
Config: (smime) External command to sign a message.
Definition: config.c:102
bool C_CryptProtectedHeadersSave
Config: Save the cleartext Subject with the headers.
Definition: config.c:44
char * C_SmimePk7outCommand
Config: (smime) External command to extract a public certificate.
Definition: config.c:101
struct Regex * C_PgpGoodSign
Config: Text indicating a good signature.
Definition: config.c:73
char * C_PgpImportCommand
Config: (pgp) External command to import a key into the user&#39;s keyring.
Definition: config.c:83
bool C_PgpStrictEnc
Config: Encode PGP signed messages with quoted-printable (don&#39;t unset)
Definition: config.c:64
char * C_SmimeSignAs
Config: Use this alternative key for signing messages.
Definition: config.c:55
An email address.
Definition: address.h:34
bool C_CryptProtectedHeadersRead
Config: Display protected headers (Memory Hole) in the pager.
Definition: config.c:43
An SIME key.
Definition: smime.h:43
struct Address * C_EnvelopeFromAddress
Config: Manually set the sender for outgoing messages.
Definition: config.c:58
char * C_SmimeGetSignerCertCommand
Config: (smime) External command to extract a certificate from an email.
Definition: config.c:98
unsigned char C_SmimeEncryptSelf
Definition: config.c:65
long C_PgpTimeout
Config: Time in seconds to cache a passphrase.
Definition: config.c:74
char * C_SmimeCertificates
Config: File containing user&#39;s public certificates.
Definition: config.c:92
bool C_PgpRetainableSigs
Config: Create nested multipart/signed or encrypted messages.
Definition: config.c:62
bool C_PgpAutoDecode
Config: Automatically decrypt PGP messages.
Definition: config.c:107
char * C_PgpGetkeysCommand
Config: (pgp) External command to download a key for an email address.
Definition: config.c:82
A stored PGP key.
Definition: crypt_gpgme.h:43
Information about a PGP key.
Definition: pgplib.h:46
bool C_CryptUseGpgme
Config: Use GPGME crypto backend.
Definition: config.c:68
bool C_SmimeAskCertLabel
Config: Prompt the user for a label for SMIME certificates.
Definition: config.c:90
bool C_PgpCheckGpgDecryptStatusFd
Config: File descriptor used for status info.
Definition: config.c:71
char * C_SmimeEncryptCommand
Config: (smime) External command to encrypt a message.
Definition: config.c:95
struct PgpKeyInfo * dlg_select_pgp_key(struct PgpKeyInfo *keys, struct Address *p, const char *s)
Let the user select a key to use.
Definition: dlgpgp.c:469
char * C_PgpClearsignCommand
Config: (pgp) External command to inline-sign a message.
Definition: config.c:76
unsigned char C_CryptVerifySig
Config: Verify PGP or SMIME signatures.
Definition: config.c:108
char * C_PgpEncryptSignCommand
Config: (pgp) External command to encrypt and sign a message.
Definition: config.c:80
bool C_SmimeDecryptUseDefaultKey
Config: Use the default key for decryption.
Definition: config.c:94
bool C_SmimeIsDefault
Config: Use SMIME rather than PGP by default.
Definition: config.c:46
char * C_SmimeSignDigestAlg
Config: Digest algorithm.
Definition: config.c:103
char * C_PgpDefaultKey
Config: Default key to use for PGP operations.
Definition: config.c:51
bool C_CryptOpportunisticEncrypt
Config: Enable encryption when the recipient&#39;s key is available.
Definition: config.c:41
char * C_PgpEncryptOnlyCommand
Config: (pgp) External command to encrypt, but not sign a message.
Definition: config.c:79
unsigned char C_PgpMimeAuto
Config: Prompt the user to use MIME if inline PGP fails.
Definition: config.c:61
char * C_SmimeDecryptCommand
Config: (smime) External command to decrypt an SMIME message.
Definition: config.c:93
char * C_PgpListPubringCommand
Config: (pgp) External command to list the public keys in a user&#39;s keyring.
Definition: config.c:84
bool C_CryptProtectedHeadersWrite
Config: Generate protected header (Memory Hole) for signed and encrypted emails.
Definition: config.c:45
char * C_PgpVerifyCommand
Config: (pgp) External command to verify PGP signatures.
Definition: config.c:87
char * C_PgpExportCommand
Config: (pgp) External command to export a public key from the user&#39;s keyring.
Definition: config.c:81
char * C_PgpListSecringCommand
Config: (pgp) External command to list the private keys in a user&#39;s keyring.
Definition: config.c:85
char * C_PgpEntryFormat
Config: printf-like format string for the PGP key selection menu.
Definition: config.c:53
char * C_PgpDecryptCommand
Config: (pgp) External command to decrypt a PGP message.
Definition: config.c:78
struct CryptKeyInfo * dlg_select_gpgme_key(struct CryptKeyInfo *keys, struct Address *p, const char *s, unsigned int app, int *forced_valid)
Get the user to select a key.
Definition: dlggpgme.c:1196
char * C_PgpVerifyKeyCommand
Config: (pgp) External command to verify key information.
Definition: config.c:88
bool C_CryptTimestamp
Config: Add a timestamp to PGP or SMIME output to prevent spoofing.
Definition: config.c:59
char * C_SmimeCaLocation
Config: File containing trusted certificates.
Definition: config.c:91
char * C_SmimeDefaultKey
Config: Default key for SMIME operations.
Definition: config.c:54
bool C_PgpCheckExit
Config: Check the exit code of PGP subprocess.
Definition: config.c:70
char * C_SmimeEncryptWith
Config: Algorithm for encryption.
Definition: config.c:56
bool C_PgpAutoinline
Config: Use old-style inline PGP messages (not recommended)
Definition: config.c:50
char * C_SmimeGetCertCommand
Config: (smime) External command to extract a certificate from a message.
Definition: config.c:96
bool C_PgpLongIds
Config: Display long PGP key IDs to the user.
Definition: config.c:48
bool C_SmimeSelfEncrypt
Config: Encrypted messages will also be encrypt to C_SmimeDefaultKey too.
Definition: config.c:66
char * C_PgpDecodeCommand
Config: (pgp) External command to decode a PGP attachment.
Definition: config.c:77
bool C_PgpSelfEncrypt
Config: Encrypted messages will also be encrypted to C_PgpDefaultKey too.
Definition: config.c:63
char * C_SmimeImportCertCommand
Config: (smime) External command to import a certificate.
Definition: config.c:99
Cached regular expression.
Definition: regex3.h:88
struct SmimeKey * dlg_select_smime_key(struct SmimeKey *keys, char *query)
Get the user to select a key.
Definition: dlgsmime.c:156
bool C_PgpShowUnusable
Config: Show non-usable keys in the key selection.
Definition: config.c:49
char * C_SmimeKeys
Config: File containing user&#39;s private certificates.
Definition: config.c:100
long C_SmimeTimeout
Config: Time in seconds to cache a passphrase.
Definition: config.c:104
char * C_SmimeGetCertEmailCommand
Config: (smime) External command to get a certificate for an email.
Definition: config.c:97
char * C_SmimeVerifyOpaqueCommand
Config: (smime) External command to verify a signature.
Definition: config.c:106
bool C_CryptOpportunisticEncryptStrongKeys
Config: Enable encryption only when strong a key is available.
Definition: config.c:42
char * C_PgpSignCommand
Config: (pgp) External command to create a detached PGP signature.
Definition: config.c:86
unsigned char C_PgpEncryptSelf
Definition: config.c:60
char * C_CryptProtectedHeadersSubject
Config: Use this as the subject for encrypted emails.
Definition: config.c:57
short C_PgpSortKeys
Config: Sort order for PGP keys.
Definition: config.c:89
struct Regex * C_PgpDecryptionOkay
Config: Text indicating a successful decryption.
Definition: config.c:72
char * C_SmimeVerifyCommand
Config: (smime) External command to verify a signed message.
Definition: config.c:105
bool C_PgpIgnoreSubkeys
Config: Only use the principal PGP key.
Definition: config.c:47
char * C_PgpSignAs
Config: Use this alternative key for signing messages.
Definition: config.c:52
bool C_CryptUsePka
Config: Use GPGME to use PKA (lookup PGP keys using DNS)
Definition: config.c:38
bool C_PgpUseGpgAgent
Config: Use a PGP agent for caching passwords.
Definition: config.c:75