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AliasMenuData Struct Reference

AliasView array wrapper with Pattern information -. More...

#include "gui.h"

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Data Fields

char * str
 String representing the limit being used. More...
struct AliasViewArray ava
 Array of AliasView. More...
struct ConfigSubsetsub
 Config items. More...
- Data Fields inherited from Menu
const char * title
 Title of this menu. More...
int current
 Current entry. More...
int max
 Number of entries in the menu. More...
MenuRedrawFlags redraw
 When to redraw the screen. More...
enum MenuType type
 Menu definition for keymap entries. More...
int pagelen
 Number of entries per screen. More...
bool tagprefix: 1
 User has pressed <tag-prefix> More...
struct MuttWindowwin
 Window holding the Menu. More...
struct MuttWindowwin_ibar
struct ConfigSubsetsub
 Inherited config items. More...
char * prompt
 Prompt for user, similar to mutt_multi_choice. More...
char * keys
 Keys used in the prompt. More...
int top
 Entry that is the top of the current page. More...
int oldcurrent
 For driver use only. More...
int search_dir
 Direction of search. More...
int tagged
 Number of tagged entries. More...
bool custom_search: 1
 The menu implements its own non-Menusearch()-compatible search, trickle OP_SEARCH*. More...
void(* make_entry )(struct Menu *menu, char *buf, size_t buflen, int line)
int(* search )(struct Menu *menu, regex_t *rx, int line)
int(* tag )(struct Menu *menu, int sel, int act)
int(* color )(struct Menu *menu, int line)
void(* custom_redraw )(struct Menu *menu)
struct Notifynotify
 Notifications. More...
void * mdata
 Private data. More...
void(* mdata_free )(struct Menu *menu, void **ptr)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Menu
 ARRAY_HEAD (, char *) dialog
 Dialog lines themselves. More...

Detailed Description

AliasView array wrapper with Pattern information -.

Definition at line 52 of file gui.h.

Field Documentation

◆ str

char* AliasMenuData::str

String representing the limit being used.

Definition at line 54 of file gui.h.

◆ ava

struct AliasViewArray AliasMenuData::ava

Array of AliasView.

Definition at line 55 of file gui.h.

◆ sub

struct ConfigSubset* AliasMenuData::sub

Config items.

Definition at line 56 of file gui.h.

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