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EnrichedState Struct Reference

State of enriched-text parser. More...

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Data Fields

wchar_t * buffer
wchar_t * line
wchar_t * param
size_t buf_len
size_t line_len
size_t line_used
size_t line_max
size_t indent_len
size_t word_len
size_t buf_used
size_t param_used
size_t param_len
int tag_level [RICH_MAX]
int wrap_margin
struct Statestate

Detailed Description

State of enriched-text parser.

Definition at line 98 of file enriched.c.

Field Documentation

◆ buffer

wchar_t* EnrichedState::buffer

Definition at line 100 of file enriched.c.

◆ line

wchar_t* EnrichedState::line

Definition at line 101 of file enriched.c.

◆ param

wchar_t* EnrichedState::param

Definition at line 102 of file enriched.c.

◆ buf_len

size_t EnrichedState::buf_len

Definition at line 103 of file enriched.c.

◆ line_len

size_t EnrichedState::line_len

Definition at line 104 of file enriched.c.

◆ line_used

size_t EnrichedState::line_used

Definition at line 105 of file enriched.c.

◆ line_max

size_t EnrichedState::line_max

Definition at line 106 of file enriched.c.

◆ indent_len

size_t EnrichedState::indent_len

Definition at line 107 of file enriched.c.

◆ word_len

size_t EnrichedState::word_len

Definition at line 108 of file enriched.c.

◆ buf_used

size_t EnrichedState::buf_used

Definition at line 109 of file enriched.c.

◆ param_used

size_t EnrichedState::param_used

Definition at line 110 of file enriched.c.

◆ param_len

size_t EnrichedState::param_len

Definition at line 111 of file enriched.c.

◆ tag_level

int EnrichedState::tag_level[RICH_MAX]

Definition at line 112 of file enriched.c.

◆ wrap_margin

int EnrichedState::wrap_margin

Definition at line 113 of file enriched.c.

◆ state

struct State* EnrichedState::state

Definition at line 114 of file enriched.c.

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