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FolderFile Struct Reference

Browser entry representing a folder/dir. More...

#include "browser.h"

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Data Fields

mode_t mode
off_t size
time_t mtime
uid_t uid
gid_t gid
nlink_t nlink
char * name
char * desc
bool has_new_mail
 true if mailbox has "new mail" More...
int msg_count
 total number of messages More...
int msg_unread
 number of unread messages More...
char delim
bool imap: 1
bool selectable: 1
bool inferiors: 1
bool has_mailbox: 1
bool local: 1
 folder is on local filesystem More...
bool tagged: 1
struct NntpMboxDatand
int gen

Detailed Description

Browser entry representing a folder/dir.

Definition at line 53 of file browser.h.

Field Documentation

◆ mode

mode_t FolderFile::mode

Definition at line 55 of file browser.h.

◆ size

off_t FolderFile::size

Definition at line 56 of file browser.h.

◆ mtime

time_t FolderFile::mtime

Definition at line 57 of file browser.h.

◆ uid

uid_t FolderFile::uid

Definition at line 58 of file browser.h.

◆ gid

gid_t FolderFile::gid

Definition at line 59 of file browser.h.

◆ nlink

nlink_t FolderFile::nlink

Definition at line 60 of file browser.h.

◆ name

char* FolderFile::name

Definition at line 62 of file browser.h.

◆ desc

char* FolderFile::desc

Definition at line 63 of file browser.h.

◆ has_new_mail

bool FolderFile::has_new_mail

true if mailbox has "new mail"

Definition at line 65 of file browser.h.

◆ msg_count

int FolderFile::msg_count

total number of messages

Definition at line 66 of file browser.h.

◆ msg_unread

int FolderFile::msg_unread

number of unread messages

Definition at line 67 of file browser.h.

◆ delim

char FolderFile::delim

Definition at line 70 of file browser.h.

◆ imap

bool FolderFile::imap

Definition at line 72 of file browser.h.

◆ selectable

bool FolderFile::selectable

Definition at line 73 of file browser.h.

◆ inferiors

bool FolderFile::inferiors

Definition at line 74 of file browser.h.

◆ has_mailbox

bool FolderFile::has_mailbox

Definition at line 76 of file browser.h.

◆ local

bool FolderFile::local

folder is on local filesystem

Definition at line 77 of file browser.h.

◆ tagged

bool FolderFile::tagged

Definition at line 78 of file browser.h.

◆ nd

struct NntpMboxData* FolderFile::nd

Definition at line 80 of file browser.h.

◆ gen

int FolderFile::gen

Definition at line 83 of file browser.h.

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