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Keymap Struct Reference

A keyboard mapping. More...

#include "keymap.h"

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Data Fields

char * macro
 macro expansion (op == OP_MACRO) More...
char * desc
 description of a macro for the help menu More...
struct Keymapnext
 next key in map More...
short op
 operation to perform More...
short eq
 number of leading keys equal to next entry More...
short len
 length of key sequence (unit: sizeof (keycode_t)) More...
 key sequence More...

Detailed Description

A keyboard mapping.

entry in the keymap tree

Definition at line 47 of file keymap.h.

Field Documentation

◆ macro

char* Keymap::macro

macro expansion (op == OP_MACRO)

Definition at line 49 of file keymap.h.

◆ desc

char* Keymap::desc

description of a macro for the help menu

Definition at line 50 of file keymap.h.

◆ next

struct Keymap* Keymap::next

next key in map

Definition at line 51 of file keymap.h.

◆ op

short Keymap::op

operation to perform

Definition at line 52 of file keymap.h.

◆ eq

short Keymap::eq

number of leading keys equal to next entry

Definition at line 53 of file keymap.h.

◆ len

short Keymap::len

length of key sequence (unit: sizeof (keycode_t))

Definition at line 54 of file keymap.h.

◆ keys

keycode_t* Keymap::keys

key sequence

Definition at line 55 of file keymap.h.

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