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MailcapEntry Struct Reference

A mailcap entry. More...

#include "mailcap.h"

Data Fields

char * command
char * testcommand
char * composecommand
char * composetypecommand
char * editcommand
char * printcommand
char * nametemplate
char * convert
bool needsterminal: 1
 endwin() and system More...
bool copiousoutput: 1
 needs pager, basically More...
bool xneomuttkeep: 1
 do not remove the file on command exit More...
bool xneomuttnowrap: 1
 do not wrap the output in the pager More...

Detailed Description

A mailcap entry.

Definition at line 35 of file mailcap.h.

Field Documentation

◆ command

char* MailcapEntry::command

Definition at line 37 of file mailcap.h.

◆ testcommand

char* MailcapEntry::testcommand

Definition at line 38 of file mailcap.h.

◆ composecommand

char* MailcapEntry::composecommand

Definition at line 39 of file mailcap.h.

◆ composetypecommand

char* MailcapEntry::composetypecommand

Definition at line 40 of file mailcap.h.

◆ editcommand

char* MailcapEntry::editcommand

Definition at line 41 of file mailcap.h.

◆ printcommand

char* MailcapEntry::printcommand

Definition at line 42 of file mailcap.h.

◆ nametemplate

char* MailcapEntry::nametemplate

Definition at line 43 of file mailcap.h.

◆ convert

char* MailcapEntry::convert

Definition at line 44 of file mailcap.h.

◆ needsterminal

bool MailcapEntry::needsterminal

endwin() and system

Definition at line 45 of file mailcap.h.

◆ copiousoutput

bool MailcapEntry::copiousoutput

needs pager, basically

Definition at line 46 of file mailcap.h.

◆ xneomuttkeep

bool MailcapEntry::xneomuttkeep

do not remove the file on command exit

Definition at line 47 of file mailcap.h.

◆ xneomuttnowrap

bool MailcapEntry::xneomuttnowrap

do not wrap the output in the pager

Definition at line 48 of file mailcap.h.

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