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MaildirMboxData Struct Reference

Maildir-specific Mailbox data -. More...

#include "mdata.h"

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Data Fields

struct timespec mtime
 Time Mailbox was last changed.
struct timespec mtime_cur
 Timestamp of the 'cur' dir.
mode_t umask
 umask to use when creating files
- Data Fields inherited from Mailbox
struct Buffer pathbuf
 Path of the Mailbox.
char * realpath
 Used for duplicate detection, context comparison, and the sidebar.
char * name
 A short name for the Mailbox.
struct ConfigSubsetsub
 Inherited config items.
off_t size
 Size of the Mailbox.
bool has_new
 Mailbox has new mail.
int msg_count
 Total number of messages.
int msg_unread
 Number of unread messages.
int msg_flagged
 Number of flagged messages.
int msg_new
 Number of new messages.
int msg_deleted
 Number of deleted messages.
int msg_tagged
 How many messages are tagged?
struct Email ** emails
 Array of Emails.
int email_max
 Size of emails array.
int * v2r
 Mapping from virtual to real msgno.
int vcount
 The number of virtual messages.
bool notified
 User has been notified.
enum MailboxType type
 Mailbox type.
bool newly_created
 Mbox or mmdf just popped into existence.
struct timespec last_visited
 Time of last exit from this mailbox.
time_t last_checked
 Last time we checked this mailbox for new mail.
const struct MxOpsmx_ops
 MXAPI callback functions.
bool append: 1
 Mailbox is opened in append mode.
bool changed: 1
 Mailbox has been modified.
bool dontwrite: 1
 Don't write the mailbox on close.
bool first_check_stats_done: 1
 True when the check have been done at least one time.
bool notify_user: 1
 Notify the user of new mail.
bool peekonly: 1
 Just taking a glance, revert atime.
bool poll_new_mail: 1
 Check for new mail.
bool readonly: 1
 Don't allow changes to the mailbox.
bool verbose: 1
 Display status messages?
AclFlags rights
 ACL bits, see AclFlags.
void * compress_info
 Compressed mbox module private data.
struct HashTableid_hash
 Hash Table: "message-id" -> Email.
struct HashTablesubj_hash
 Hash Table: "subject" -> Email.
struct HashTablelabel_hash
 Hash Table: "x-labels" -> Email.
struct Accountaccount
 Account that owns this Mailbox.
int opened
 Number of times mailbox is opened.
bool visible
 True if a result of "mailboxes".
void * mdata
 Driver specific data.
void(* mdata_free )(void **ptr)
struct Notifynotify
 Notifications: NotifyMailbox, EventMailbox.
int gen
 Generation number, for sorting.

Detailed Description

Maildir-specific Mailbox data -.

Definition at line 34 of file mdata.h.

Field Documentation

◆ mtime

struct timespec MaildirMboxData::mtime

Time Mailbox was last changed.

Definition at line 36 of file mdata.h.

◆ mtime_cur

struct timespec MaildirMboxData::mtime_cur

Timestamp of the 'cur' dir.

Definition at line 37 of file mdata.h.

◆ umask

mode_t MaildirMboxData::umask

umask to use when creating files

Definition at line 38 of file mdata.h.

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