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PatternCache Struct Reference

Cache commonly-used patterns. More...

#include "lib.h"

Data Fields

int list_all
 ^~l More...
int list_one
 ~l More...
int sub_all
 ^~u More...
int sub_one
 ~u More...
int pers_recip_all
 ^~p More...
int pers_recip_one
 ~p More...
int pers_from_all
 ^~P More...
int pers_from_one
 ~P More...

Detailed Description

Cache commonly-used patterns.

This is used when a message is repeatedly pattern matched against. e.g. for color, scoring, hooks. It caches a few of the potentially slow operations. Each entry has a value of 0 = unset, 1 = false, 2 = true

Definition at line 109 of file lib.h.

Field Documentation

◆ list_all

int PatternCache::list_all


Definition at line 111 of file lib.h.

◆ list_one

int PatternCache::list_one


Definition at line 112 of file lib.h.

◆ sub_all

int PatternCache::sub_all


Definition at line 113 of file lib.h.

◆ sub_one

int PatternCache::sub_one


Definition at line 114 of file lib.h.

◆ pers_recip_all

int PatternCache::pers_recip_all


Definition at line 115 of file lib.h.

◆ pers_recip_one

int PatternCache::pers_recip_one


Definition at line 116 of file lib.h.

◆ pers_from_all

int PatternCache::pers_from_all


Definition at line 117 of file lib.h.

◆ pers_from_one

int PatternCache::pers_from_one


Definition at line 118 of file lib.h.

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