NeoMutt  2020-11-20
Teaching an old dog new tricks
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29 #include "config.h"
30 #include <stddef.h>
31 #include <config/lib.h>
32 #include <stdbool.h>
33 #include "private.h"
34 #include "mutt/lib.h"
36 // clang-format off
44 // clang-format on
46 struct ConfigDef AutocryptVars[] = {
47  // clang-format off
48  { "autocrypt", DT_BOOL, &C_Autocrypt, false, 0, NULL,
49  "Enables the Autocrypt feature"
50  },
51  { "autocrypt_acct_format", DT_STRING|R_MENU, &C_AutocryptAcctFormat, IP "%4n %-30a %20p %10s", 0, NULL,
52  "Format of the autocrypt account menu"
53  },
54  { "autocrypt_dir", DT_PATH|DT_PATH_DIR, &C_AutocryptDir, IP "~/.mutt/autocrypt", 0, NULL,
55  "Location of autocrypt files, including the GPG keyring and SQLite database"
56  },
57  { "autocrypt_reply", DT_BOOL, &C_AutocryptReply, true, 0, NULL,
58  "Replying to an autocrypt email automatically enables autocrypt in the reply"
59  },
60  { NULL, 0, NULL, 0, 0, NULL, NULL },
61  // clang-format on
62 };
68 {
69  return cs_register_variables(cs, AutocryptVars, 0);
70 }
char * C_AutocryptAcctFormat
Config: Format of the autocrypt account menu.
Definition: config.c:39
char * C_AutocryptDir
Config: Location of autocrypt files, including the GPG keyring and SQLite database.
Definition: config.c:40
Container for lots of config items.
Definition: set.h:228
#define IP
Definition: set.h:54
bool C_Autocrypt
Config: Enables the Autocrypt feature.
Definition: config.c:37
bool config_init_autocrypt(struct ConfigSet *cs)
Register autocrypt config variables - Implements module_init_config_t.
Definition: config.c:67
char * AutocryptSignAs
Autocrypt Key id to sign as.
Definition: config.c:42
Config item definition.
Definition: set.h:61
char * AutocryptDefaultKey
Autocrypt default key id (used for postponing messages)
Definition: config.c:43
Convenience wrapper for the config headers.
#define DT_PATH_DIR
Path is a directory.
Definition: types.h:53
#define R_MENU
Redraw all menus.
Definition: types.h:74
bool cs_register_variables(const struct ConfigSet *cs, struct ConfigDef vars[], int flags)
Register a set of config items.
Definition: set.c:286
#define DT_STRING
a string
Definition: types.h:41
#define DT_PATH
a path to a file/directory
Definition: types.h:36
Shared constants/structs that are private to Autocrypt.
Convenience wrapper for the library headers.
#define DT_BOOL
boolean option
Definition: types.h:30
bool C_AutocryptReply
Config: Replying to an autocrypt email automatically enables autocrypt in the reply.
Definition: config.c:38