NeoMutt  2021-02-05
Teaching an old dog new tricks
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26 #include <sqlite3.h>
27 #include <stdbool.h>
29 struct Address;
30 struct AddressList;
31 struct AutocryptAccount;
33 struct AutocryptPeer;
35 struct Buffer;
37 extern sqlite3 *AutocryptDB;
39 int mutt_autocrypt_account_init(bool prompt);
44 int mutt_autocrypt_db_account_get(struct Address *addr, struct AutocryptAccount **account);
45 int mutt_autocrypt_db_account_get_all(struct AutocryptAccount ***accounts, int *num_accounts);
46 int mutt_autocrypt_db_account_insert(struct Address *addr, const char *keyid, const char *keydata, bool prefer_encrypt);
49 void mutt_autocrypt_db_close(void);
51 int mutt_autocrypt_db_gossip_history_insert(struct Address *addr, struct AutocryptGossipHistory *gossip_hist);
53 int mutt_autocrypt_db_init(bool can_create);
55 void mutt_autocrypt_db_normalize_addrlist(struct AddressList *al);
57 int mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_get(struct Address *addr, struct AutocryptPeer **peer);
59 int mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_history_insert(struct Address *addr, struct AutocryptPeerHistory *peerhist);
61 int mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_insert(struct Address *addr, struct AutocryptPeer *peer);
68 int mutt_autocrypt_gpgme_create_key(struct Address *addr, struct Buffer *keyid, struct Buffer *keydata);
69 int mutt_autocrypt_gpgme_import_key(const char *keydata, struct Buffer *keyid);
void mutt_autocrypt_db_close(void)
Close the Autocrypt SQLite database connection.
Definition: db.c:126
void mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_free(struct AutocryptPeer **ptr)
Free an AutocryptPeer.
Definition: db.c:524
int mutt_autocrypt_db_account_update(struct AutocryptAccount *acct)
Update Account info in the Autocrypt database.
Definition: db.c:369
char * keydata
Definition: lib.h:121
int mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_update(struct AutocryptPeer *peer)
Update the peer info in an Autocrypt database.
Definition: db.c:674
void mutt_autocrypt_db_account_free(struct AutocryptAccount **ptr)
Free an AutocryptAccount.
Definition: db.c:240
int mutt_autocrypt_gpgme_init(void)
Initialise GPGME.
Definition: gpgme.c:65
String manipulation buffer.
Definition: buffer.h:33
struct AutocryptPeerHistory * mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_history_new(void)
Create a new AutocryptPeerHistory.
Definition: db.c:730
An email address.
Definition: address.h:34
struct AutocryptPeer * mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_new(void)
Create a new AutocryptPeer.
Definition: db.c:515
int mutt_autocrypt_gpgme_select_key(struct Buffer *keyid, struct Buffer *keydata)
Select a Autocrypt key.
Definition: gpgme.c:226
struct AutocryptAccount * mutt_autocrypt_db_account_new(void)
Create a new AutocryptAccount.
Definition: db.c:231
int mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_get(struct Address *addr, struct AutocryptPeer **peer)
Get peer info from the Autocrypt database.
Definition: db.c:546
int mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_history_insert(struct Address *addr, struct AutocryptPeerHistory *peerhist)
Insert peer history into the Autocrypt database.
Definition: db.c:758
int mutt_autocrypt_db_account_insert(struct Address *addr, const char *keyid, const char *keydata, bool prefer_encrypt)
Insert an Account into the Autocrypt database.
Definition: db.c:318
int mutt_autocrypt_db_gossip_history_insert(struct Address *addr, struct AutocryptGossipHistory *gossip_hist)
Insert a gossip history into the Autocrypt database.
Definition: db.c:835
int mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_insert(struct Address *addr, struct AutocryptPeer *peer)
Insert a peer into the Autocrypt database.
Definition: db.c:611
Autocrypt peer.
Definition: lib.h:115
int mutt_autocrypt_gpgme_create_key(struct Address *addr, struct Buffer *keyid, struct Buffer *keydata)
Create a GPGME key.
Definition: gpgme.c:153
bool mutt_autocrypt_gpgme_is_valid_key(const char *keyid)
Is a key id valid?
Definition: gpgme.c:355
Autocrypt gossip history.
Definition: lib.h:142
int mutt_autocrypt_db_account_get_all(struct AutocryptAccount ***accounts, int *num_accounts)
Get all accounts from an Autocrypt database.
Definition: db.c:450
void mutt_autocrypt_db_normalize_addrlist(struct AddressList *al)
Normalise a list of Email Addresses.
Definition: db.c:172
int mutt_autocrypt_schema_init(void)
Set up an Autocrypt database.
Definition: schema.c:39
Autocrypt peer history.
Definition: lib.h:131
int mutt_autocrypt_account_init(bool prompt)
Create a new Autocrypt account.
Definition: autocrypt.c:147
Autocrypt account.
Definition: lib.h:103
sqlite3 * AutocryptDB
Definition: db.c:50
int mutt_autocrypt_db_account_get(struct Address *addr, struct AutocryptAccount **account)
Get Autocrypt Account data from the database.
Definition: db.c:259
struct AutocryptGossipHistory * mutt_autocrypt_db_gossip_history_new(void)
Create a new AutocryptGossipHistory.
Definition: db.c:806
int mutt_autocrypt_db_account_delete(struct AutocryptAccount *acct)
Delete an Account from the Autocrypt database.
Definition: db.c:415
int mutt_autocrypt_db_init(bool can_create)
Initialise the Autocrypt SQLite database.
Definition: db.c:77
int mutt_autocrypt_gpgme_import_key(const char *keydata, struct Buffer *keyid)
Read a key from GPGME.
Definition: gpgme.c:314
void mutt_autocrypt_db_gossip_history_free(struct AutocryptGossipHistory **ptr)
Free an AutocryptGossipHistory.
Definition: db.c:815
void mutt_autocrypt_db_normalize_addr(struct Address *a)
Normalise an Email Address.
Definition: db.c:161
char * keyid
Definition: lib.h:120
void mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_history_free(struct AutocryptPeerHistory **ptr)
Free an AutocryptPeerHistory.
Definition: db.c:739
int mutt_autocrypt_gpgme_select_or_create_key(struct Address *addr, struct Buffer *keyid, struct Buffer *keydata)
Ask the user to select or create an Autocrypt key.
Definition: gpgme.c:273
int mutt_autocrypt_schema_update(void)
Update the version number of the Autocrypt database schema.
Definition: schema.c:105
void mutt_autocrypt_scan_mailboxes(void)
Scan mailboxes for Autocrypt headers.
Definition: autocrypt.c:901