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Teaching an old dog new tricks
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29 #include "config.h"
30 #include <stdbool.h>
31 #include <stdio.h>
32 #include "lib.h"
33 #include "crypt_gpgme.h"
34 #include "crypt_mod.h"
41 static void pgp_gpgme_void_passphrase(void)
42 {
43 }
50 static bool pgp_gpgme_valid_passphrase(void)
51 {
52  return true;
53 }
55 // clang-format off
59 struct CryptModuleSpecs CryptModPgpGpgme = {
77  NULL, /* pgp_traditional_encryptsign */
78  NULL, /* pgp_invoke_getkeys */
80  NULL, /* pgp_extract_key_from_attachment */
82  NULL, /* smime_getkeys */
83  NULL, /* smime_verify_sender */
84  NULL, /* smime_build_smime_entity */
85  NULL, /* smime_invoke_import */
86 };
87 // clang-format on
struct Body * pgp_gpgme_sign_message(struct Body *a, const struct AddressList *from)
Implements CryptModuleSpecs::sign_message()
Definition: crypt_gpgme.c:1556
int pgp_gpgme_check_traditional(FILE *fp, struct Body *b, bool just_one)
Implements CryptModuleSpecs::pgp_check_traditional()
Definition: crypt_gpgme.c:2809
Wrapper for PGP/SMIME calls to GPGME.
int pgp_gpgme_application_handler(struct Body *m, struct State *s)
Implements CryptModuleSpecs::application_handler()
Definition: crypt_gpgme.c:2999
void pgp_gpgme_invoke_import(const char *fname)
Implements CryptModuleSpecs::pgp_invoke_import()
Definition: crypt_gpgme.c:2834
void pgp_gpgme_init(void)
Implements CryptModuleSpecs::init()
Definition: crypt_gpgme.c:5572
char * pgp_gpgme_find_keys(struct AddressList *addrlist, bool oppenc_mode)
Implements CryptModuleSpecs::find_keys()
Definition: crypt_gpgme.c:5358
struct Body * pgp_gpgme_make_key_attachment(void)
Implements CryptModuleSpecs::pgp_make_key_attachment()
Definition: crypt_gpgme.c:5465
struct Body * pgp_gpgme_encrypt_message(struct Body *a, char *keylist, bool sign, const struct AddressList *from)
Implements CryptModuleSpecs::pgp_encrypt_message()
Definition: crypt_gpgme.c:1572
int pgp_gpgme_decrypt_mime(FILE *fp_in, FILE **fp_out, struct Body *b, struct Body **cur)
Implements CryptModuleSpecs::decrypt_mime()
Definition: crypt_gpgme.c:2379
static void pgp_gpgme_void_passphrase(void)
Implements CryptModuleSpecs::void_passphrase()
int pgp_gpgme_encrypted_handler(struct Body *a, struct State *s)
Implements CryptModuleSpecs::encrypted_handler()
Definition: crypt_gpgme.c:3227
int pgp_gpgme_verify_one(struct Body *sigbdy, struct State *s, const char *tempfile)
Implements CryptModuleSpecs::verify_one()
Definition: crypt_gpgme.c:2201
Use PGP to encrypt/sign.
Definition: lib.h:135
Crypto API.
Definition: crypt_mod.h:44
API for encryption/signing of emails.
int pgp_gpgme_send_menu(struct Email *e)
Implements CryptModuleSpecs::send_menu()
Definition: crypt_gpgme.c:5754
void pgp_gpgme_set_sender(const char *sender)
Implements CryptModuleSpecs::set_sender()
Definition: crypt_gpgme.c:5856
static bool pgp_gpgme_valid_passphrase(void)
Implements CryptModuleSpecs::valid_passphrase()
Register crypto modules.