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Crypto API

The Crypto API. More...

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 Initialise the crypto module.
 Clean up the crypt module.
 Forget the cached passphrase.
 Ensure we have a valid passphrase.
 Decrypt an encrypted MIME part.
 Manage the MIME type "application/pgp" or "application/smime".
 Manage a PGP or S/MIME encrypted MIME part.
 Find the keyids of the recipients of a message.
 Cryptographically sign the Body of a message.
 Check a signed MIME part against a signature.
 Ask the user whether to sign and/or encrypt the email.
 Set the sender of the email.
 PGP encrypt an email.
 Generate a public key attachment.
 Look for inline (non-MIME) PGP content.
 Create an inline PGP encrypted, signed email.
 Run a command to download a PGP key.
 Import a key from a message into the user's public key ring.
 Extract PGP key from an attachment.
 Get the S/MIME keys required to encrypt this email.
 Does the sender match the certificate?
 Encrypt the email body to all recipients.
 Add a certificate and update index file (externally)

Detailed Description

The Crypto API.

A structure to describe a crypto module.