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29 #include "config.h"
30 #include "private.h"
31 #include "mutt/lib.h"
32 #include "mdata.h"
33 #include "bcache/lib.h"
38 void nntp_mdata_free(void **ptr)
39 {
40  struct NntpMboxData *mdata = *ptr;
43  mutt_bcache_close(&mdata->bcache);
44  FREE(&mdata->newsrc_ent);
45  FREE(&mdata->desc);
46  FREE(ptr);
47 }
Body Caching (local copies of email bodies)
void mutt_bcache_close(struct BodyCache **bcache)
Close an Email-Body Cache.
Definition: bcache.c:164
#define FREE(x)
Definition: memory.h:40
Convenience wrapper for the library headers.
void nntp_acache_free(struct NntpMboxData *mdata)
Remove all temporarily cache files.
Definition: newsrc.c:103
void nntp_mdata_free(void **ptr)
Free the private Mailbox data - Implements Mailbox::mdata_free()
Definition: mdata.c:38
Notmuch-specific Mailbox data.
GUI display the mailboxes in a side panel.
void * mdata
Driver specific data.
Definition: mailbox.h:136
NNTP-specific Mailbox data -.
Definition: mdata.h:33