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23 #ifndef MUTT_NNTP_MDATA_H
24 #define MUTT_NNTP_MDATA_H
26 #include <stdbool.h>
27 #include "lib.h"
33 {
34  char *group;
35  char *desc;
41  bool subscribed : 1;
42  bool has_new_mail : 1;
43  bool allowed : 1;
44  bool deleted : 1;
45  unsigned int newsrc_len;
49  struct BodyCache *bcache;
50 };
52 void nntp_mdata_free(void **ptr);
54 #endif /* MUTT_NNTP_MDATA_H */
bool has_new_mail
Definition: mdata.h:42
struct NntpAcache acache[NNTP_ACACHE_LEN]
Definition: mdata.h:48
struct NntpAccountData * adata
Definition: mdata.h:47
Definition: lib.h:82
NNTP-specific Account data -.
Definition: adata.h:36
bool subscribed
Definition: mdata.h:41
anum_t last_cached
Definition: mdata.h:39
An entry in a .newsrc (subscribed newsgroups)
Definition: lib.h:75
anum_t last_loaded
Definition: mdata.h:38
char * group
Definition: mdata.h:34
Usenet network mailbox type; talk to an NNTP server.
struct BodyCache * bcache
Definition: mdata.h:49
bool allowed
Definition: mdata.h:43
struct NewsrcEntry * newsrc_ent
Definition: mdata.h:46
NNTP-specific Mailbox data -.
Definition: mdata.h:32
void nntp_mdata_free(void **ptr)
Free the private Mailbox data - Implements Mailbox::mdata_free()
Definition: mdata.c:38
unsigned int newsrc_len
Definition: mdata.h:45
Local cache of email bodies.
Definition: bcache.c:50
bool deleted
Definition: mdata.h:44
anum_t first_message
Definition: mdata.h:36
NNTP article cache.
Definition: lib.h:66
anum_t unread
Definition: mdata.h:40
#define anum_t
Definition: lib.h:60
char * desc
Definition: mdata.h:35
anum_t last_message
Definition: mdata.h:37