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38 #ifndef MUTT_DEBUG_LIB_H
39 #define MUTT_DEBUG_LIB_H
41 #include <stddef.h>
42 #include <stdbool.h>
43 #include "email/lib.h"
44 #include "core/lib.h"
46 struct AddressList;
47 struct Buffer;
48 struct Context;
49 struct ListHead;
50 struct NotifyCallback;
52 // Backtrace
53 void show_backtrace(void);
55 // Email
56 void add_flag (struct Buffer *buf, bool is_set, const char *name);
57 void dump_addr_list (char *buf, size_t buflen, const struct AddressList *al, const char *name);
58 void dump_attach (const struct AttachPtr *att);
59 void dump_body (const struct Body *body);
60 void dump_email (const struct Email *e);
61 void dump_envelope (const struct Envelope *env);
62 void dump_list_head (const struct ListHead *list, const char *name);
63 void dump_param_list (const struct ParameterList *pl);
64 const char *get_content_disposition(enum ContentDisposition disp);
65 const char *get_content_encoding (enum ContentEncoding enc);
66 const char *get_content_type (enum ContentType type);
68 // Graphviz
69 void add_flag (struct Buffer *buf, bool is_set, const char *name);
70 void dump_graphviz (const char *title, struct Context *ctx);
71 void dump_graphviz_attach_ctx(struct AttachCtx *actx);
72 void dump_graphviz_email (struct Email *e);
73 const char *get_content_disposition(enum ContentDisposition disp);
74 const char *get_content_encoding (enum ContentEncoding enc);
75 const char *get_content_type (enum ContentType type);
77 // Notify
78 int debug_all_observer(struct NotifyCallback *nc);
79 const char *get_mailbox_type(enum MailboxType type);
81 // Parse Set
82 void test_parse_set(void);
84 // Window
85 void debug_win_dump(void);
87 #endif /* MUTT_DEBUG_LIB_H */
Content-Disposition values.
Definition: mime.h:60
The "current" mailbox.
Definition: context.h:37
void dump_email(const struct Email *e)
Definition: email.c:136
An email to which things will be attached.
Definition: attach.h:34
The envelope/body of an email.
Definition: email.h:37
Data passed to a notification function.
Definition: observer.h:39
Structs that make up an email.
void show_backtrace(void)
Log the program&#39;s call stack.
Definition: backtrace.c:39
void dump_graphviz(const char *title, struct Context *ctx)
Definition: graphviz.c:945
String manipulation buffer.
Definition: buffer.h:33
int debug_all_observer(struct NotifyCallback *nc)
Definition: notify.c:318
const char * get_mailbox_type(enum MailboxType type)
Definition: notify.c:70
The body of an email.
Definition: body.h:34
const char * get_content_encoding(enum ContentEncoding enc)
Definition: graphviz.c:104
void dump_envelope(const struct Envelope *env)
Definition: email.c:71
void dump_addr_list(char *buf, size_t buflen, const struct AddressList *al, const char *name)
Definition: email.c:38
void dump_param_list(const struct ParameterList *pl)
Definition: email.c:226
Convenience wrapper for the core headers.
const char * get_content_type(enum ContentType type)
Definition: graphviz.c:75
void add_flag(struct Buffer *buf, bool is_set, const char *name)
Definition: graphviz.c:144
void test_parse_set(void)
Test the config parsing.
Definition: parse_test.c:39
void dump_list_head(const struct ListHead *list, const char *name)
Definition: email.c:50
Supported mailbox formats.
Definition: mailbox.h:43
void dump_attach(const struct AttachPtr *att)
Definition: email.c:321
const char * get_content_disposition(enum ContentDisposition disp)
Definition: graphviz.c:127
void dump_body(const struct Body *body)
Definition: email.c:239
void debug_win_dump(void)
Definition: window.c:91
void dump_graphviz_attach_ctx(struct AttachCtx *actx)
Definition: graphviz.c:1590
A set of attachments.
Definition: attach.h:49
Definition: mime.h:46
The header of an Email.
Definition: envelope.h:54
Definition: mime.h:29
void dump_graphviz_email(struct Email *e)
Definition: graphviz.c:1428