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pbar.h File Reference

Pager Bar. More...

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struct MuttWindowpbar_new (struct IndexSharedData *shared, struct PagerPrivateData *priv)
 Create the Pager Bar. More...

Detailed Description

Pager Bar.

  • Richard Russon

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Definition in file pbar.h.

Function Documentation

◆ pbar_new()

struct MuttWindow * pbar_new ( struct IndexSharedData shared,
struct PagerPrivateData priv 

Create the Pager Bar.

sharedShared Pager data
privPrivate Pager data
Return values
ptrNew Pager Bar

Definition at line 328 of file pbar.c.

334 win_pbar->wdata = pbar_data_new(shared, priv);
335 win_pbar->wdata_free = pbar_data_free;
336 win_pbar->recalc = pbar_recalc;
337 win_pbar->repaint = pbar_repaint;
345 return win_pbar;
static int pbar_window_observer(struct NotifyCallback *nc)
Notification that a Window has changed - Implements observer_t -.
Definition: pbar.c:259
static int pbar_color_observer(struct NotifyCallback *nc)
Notification that a Color has changed - Implements observer_t -.
Definition: pbar.c:173
static int pbar_config_observer(struct NotifyCallback *nc)
Notification that a Config Variable has changed - Implements observer_t -.
Definition: pbar.c:196
static int pbar_pager_observer(struct NotifyCallback *nc)
Notification that the Pager has changed - Implements observer_t -.
Definition: pbar.c:238
static int pbar_index_observer(struct NotifyCallback *nc)
Notification that the Index has changed - Implements observer_t -.
Definition: pbar.c:223
static int pbar_recalc(struct MuttWindow *win)
Recalculate the Window data - Implements MuttWindow::recalc() -.
Definition: pbar.c:93
static int pbar_repaint(struct MuttWindow *win)
Repaint the Window - Implements MuttWindow::repaint() -.
Definition: pbar.c:152
static void pbar_data_free(struct MuttWindow *win, void **ptr)
Free the private data attached to the MuttWindow - Implements MuttWindow::wdata_free() -.
Definition: pbar.c:296
bool notify_observer_add(struct Notify *notify, enum NotifyType type, observer_t callback, void *global_data)
Add an observer to an object.
Definition: notify.c:189
struct MuttWindow * mutt_window_new(enum WindowType type, enum MuttWindowOrientation orient, enum MuttWindowSize size, int cols, int rows)
Create a new Window.
Definition: mutt_window.c:180
Status Bar containing extra info about the Index/Pager/etc.
Definition: mutt_window.h:102
Window uses all available vertical space.
Definition: mutt_window.h:38
Use as much space as possible.
Definition: mutt_window.h:52
Window has a fixed size.
Definition: mutt_window.h:47
MuttWindow has changed, NotifyWindow, EventWindow.
Definition: notify_type.h:55
Config has changed, NotifyConfig, EventConfig.
Definition: notify_type.h:43
Colour has changed, NotifyColor, EventColor.
Definition: notify_type.h:41
Pager data has changed, NotifyPager, PagerPrivateData.
Definition: notify_type.h:52
Register for all notifications.
Definition: notify_type.h:35
static struct PBarPrivateData * pbar_data_new(struct IndexSharedData *shared, struct PagerPrivateData *priv)
Free the private data attached to the MuttWindow.
Definition: pbar.c:311
struct Notify * notify
Notifications: NotifyIndex, IndexSharedData.
Definition: shared_data.h:44
int(* repaint)(struct MuttWindow *win)
Definition: mutt_window.h:181
void * wdata
Private data.
Definition: mutt_window.h:145
struct Notify * notify
Notifications: NotifyWindow, EventWindow.
Definition: mutt_window.h:138
int(* recalc)(struct MuttWindow *win)
Definition: mutt_window.h:170
void(* wdata_free)(struct MuttWindow *win, void **ptr)
Definition: mutt_window.h:159
Container for Accounts, Notifications.
Definition: neomutt.h:37
struct Notify * notify
Notifications handler.
Definition: neomutt.h:38
struct Notify * notify
Notifications: NotifyPager, PagerPrivateData.
Definition: private_data.h:71
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