:book: Notes

This is a small Bug-Fix release.

Last week’s release was faulty. This one is much better.

:gem: Sponsors

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Jakub Jindra
Scott Kostyshak
Ander Punnar
Igor Serebryany
Martin Spendiff
Mark Korondi
Mateus Etto
  • Robert Labudda
  • Patrick Koetter (@patrickbenkoetter)
  • Aboudoulaye Yatera
  • Sebastian Kowalczyk
  • 海老根蓉也
  • Reiko Kaps

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:heart: Thanks

Many thanks to our new contributors:

our regular contributors:

:lady-beetle: Bug Fixes

  • #4185 c441f5957 Fix memory leak in trash_append()
  • #4189 Fix off-by-one error in %b with notmuch
  • #4190 Zero-out mailbox counters on delete
  • #4204 colour: honour the normal colour
  • #4205 match folder-hook also against mailbox name (fixes #4201)
  • wrap colour in
  • history: fix saving file
  • history: improve error message format

:books: Docs

  • #4182 docs: -C: Fix some accidents
  • #4188 Update oauth2 README
  • #4193 Update oauth2 README
  • fix typos, lots of tidying
  • tidy license info

:building_construction: Build

  • #4196 use FreeBSD 14.0 in Cirrus CI
  • actions: update cpu count
  • actions: use codeql v3

:gear: Code

  • #4186 Buffer refactoring: make_entry()
  • address: tidy config handling
  • coverage: buf, slist
  • graphviz: link labels
  • tidy buf_strcpy() calls
  • tidy char buffers
  • test: default timezone to UTC