NeoMutt  2018-05-12
Teaching an old dog new tricks
NeoMutt Code Docs

State of Play

This is a Work in Progress. All the existing comments have been converted to doxygen format and now appear in these pages.

Furthermore, all the files, structs, enums and unions have had descriptions written. Some descriptions are a bit vague, due to ignorance, or poor design decisions.


Each library helps to untangle the code by grouping similar functions and reducing dependencies.

The goal is that each library is:

  • Self-contained (it may rely on other libraries)
  • Independently testable (i.e. without using NeoMutt)
  • Fully documented
  • Robust


Building these Docs

The config for building the docs is in the main source repo.

Everything possible is turned on in the config file, so you'll need to install a few dependencies like dot from the graphviz package.

Simply: doxygen doxygen/doxygen.conf in the main directory.

Installing the Docs

These docs aren't in the main website repo – they weigh in at 100M Instead, they're stored in the doxygen repo They are included in the website as a "git submodule"