NeoMutt  2023-05-17-33-gce4425
Teaching an old dog new tricks
These libraries contain are an attempt to make NeoMutt more modular.
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 AddressEmail Address Handling
 AliasEmail Aliases (Address Book)
 AttachmentsAttachment handling
 AutocryptEnd-to-end encryption
 Body (Message) CacheBody Caching (Local copies of email bodies)
 Mailbox BrowserSelect a Mailbox from a list
 ColorColour handling code
 Auto-completionAuto-complete a string
 Compressed MailboxCompressed mbox local mailbox type
 Compose an EmailCompose an email
 Compression functionsData compression
 ConfigUser configurable variables
 Type: MyVarConfig type representing a user-defined variable "my_var"
 Network connectionsNetwork connections and their encryption
 File Charset ConversionConvert files between different character encodings
 NeoMutt CommandsNeoMutt Commands
 Core NeoMutt objectsBackbone objects of NeoMutt
 Debug CodeDebugging code
 Debug namesDebug names
 Email codeStructs that make up an email
 Mailbox EnterSelect a Mailbox from a list
 Envelope-editing WindowEnvelope-editing Window
 Graphical codeCurses and Window code
 Email Header CacheCache of Email headers
 Help barHelp line showing key bindings
 HistoryRead/write command history from/to a file
 Imap MailboxIMAP network mailbox
 IndexDisplay a list of Emails
 Maildir MailboxMaildir local mailbox type
 MboxMbox local mailbox type
 MenuA selectable list
 MixmasterSupport of Mixmaster anonymous remailer
 MuttShared code for handling strings, files, dates, etc
 NcryptEncrypt/decrypt/sign/verify emails
 NntpUsenet network mailbox type; talk to an NNTP server
 NotmuchNotmuch virtual mailbox type
 PagerDisplay contents of an email or help
 Text parsing functions
 PatternMatch patterns to emails
 PopPOP network mailbox
 Postponed EmailsPostponed Emails
 ProgressProgress Bar
 QuestionAsk the user a question
 SendShared code for sending Emails
 SidebarDisplay the mailboxes in a side panel
 StoreKey value store