NeoMutt  2018-07-16 +952-a2da0a
Teaching an old dog new tricks
These libraries contain are an attempt to make NeoMutt more modular.
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 CONFIG: Flexible handling of config itemsUser configurable variables
 CONN: Network connections and their encryptionManage external connections
 EMAIL: Structs that make up an emailStructs that make up an email
 HCACHE: Header cache APIThis module defines the user-visible header cache API, which is used within neomutt to cache and restore mail header data
 IMAP: Network MailboxIMAP network mailbox
 MAILDIR: Local mailbox typeMaildir local mailbox type
 MBOX: Local mailbox typeMbox local mailbox type
 MUTT: Shared code for handling strings, files, dates, etcEach source file in the library provides a group of related functions
 NCRYPT: Encrypt/decrypt/sign/verify emailsEncrypt/decrypt/sign/verify emails
 NNTP: Usenet network mailbox type; talk to an NNTP serverUsenet network mailbox type; talk to an NNTP server
 NOTMUCH: Virtual mailbox typeNotmuch virtual mailbox type
 POP: Network mailboxPOP network mailbox
 Neomutt's Configuration variablesBrief overview of all of Neomutt's Configuration variables