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Shared code for handling strings, files, dates, etc.

Each source file in the library provides a group of related functions.

File Description
mutt/array.h Linear array API
mutt/atoi.c Parse a number in a string
mutt/base64.c Conversion to/from base64 encoding
mutt/buffer.c Helper object for storing and parsing strings
mutt/charset.c Conversion between different character encodings
mutt/date.c Time and date handling routines
mutt/envlist.c Private copy of the environment variables
mutt/eqi.h Case-insensitive fixed-chunk comparisons
mutt/exit.c Leave the program NOW
mutt/file.c File management functions
mutt/filter.c Pass files through external commands (filters)
mutt/hash.c Hash Table data structure
mutt/list.c Singly-linked list type
mutt/logging.c Logging Dispatcher
mutt/mapping.c Map between a string and a constant
mutt/mbyte.c Multi-byte String manipulation functions
mutt/md5.c Calculate the MD5 checksum of a buffer
mutt/memory.c Memory management wrappers
mutt/notify.c Notification API
mutt/path.c Path manipulation functions
mutt/pool.c A global pool of Buffers
mutt/prex.c Manage precompiled / predefined regular expressions
mutt/qsort_r.c Context-free sorting function
mutt/random.c Random number/string functions
mutt/regex.c Manage regular expressions
mutt/signal.c Signal handling
mutt/slist.c A separated list of strings
mutt/state.c Keep track when processing files
mutt/string.c String manipulation functions
The library is self-contained – some files may depend on others in the library, but none depends on source from outside.