Gathered and implemented patches


NeoMutt has brought together lots of Mutt patches, many of which were useful, but had been abandoned.

Before each patch is marked stable:

  • The code is brought up-to-date with Mutt-1.8.0
  • The code is tidied up, comments added, checks done
  • Documentation is written
  • A sample muttrc is created
  • The feature is tested

To find out more, see the Development Page.


Name Description Since Status
Account Command Populate account credentials via an external command 2022-05-16 ✓ stable
Attach Headers Color Color attachment headers using regex, just like mail bodies 2016-09-10 ✓ stable
Compose to Sender Send new mail to the sender of the current mail 2016-10-02 ✓ stable
Compressed Folders Read from/write to compressed mailboxes 2016-05-30 ✓ stable
Conditional Dates Use rules to choose date format 2016-03-07 ✓ stable
Custom backend based Tags Implements Notmuch tags and Imap keywords 2017-10-13 ✓ stable
Encrypt-to-Self Save a self-encrypted copy of emails 2016-07-23 ✓ stable
Fmemopen Replace some temporary files with memory buffers 2016-03-07 ⚠ disabled
Forgotten Attachment Alert user when (s)he forgets to attach a file to an outgoing email. 2016-09-10 ✓ stable
Global Hooks Define actions to run globally within NeoMutt 2016-08-08 ✓ stable
Header Cache Compression Options for compressing the header cache files 2020-03-01 ✓ stable
Ifdef Conditional config options 2016-03-07 ✓ stable
Index Color Custom rules for theming the email index 2016-03-07 ✓ stable
Initials Expando Expando for author's initials 2016-03-07 ✓ stable
Kyoto Cabinet Kyoto Cabinet backend for the header cache 2016-10-02 ✓ stable
Limit Current Thread Focus on one Email Thread 2016-03-28 ✓ stable
LMDB LMDB backend for the header cache 2016-07-23 ✓ stable
Multiple FCC Save multiple copies of outgoing mail 2016-08-08 ✓ stable
Nested If Allow complex nested conditions in format strings 2016-03-07 ✓ stable
New Mail Execute a command upon the receipt of new mail. 2016-07-23 ✓ stable
NNTP Talk to a Usenet news server 2016-05-30 ✓ stable
Notmuch Email search engine 2016-03-17 ✓ stable
Pager Read Delay Delay when the pager marks a previewed message as read 2021-06-17 ✓ stable
Progress Bar Show a visual progress bar on slow operations 2016-03-07 ✓ stable
Quasi-Delete Mark emails that should be hidden, but not deleted 2016-03-07 ✓ stable
Reply With X-Original-To Direct reply to email using X-Original-To header 2016-09-10 ✓ stable
Sensible Browser Make the file browser behave 2016-09-10 ✓ stable
Sidebar (Intro) Overview of mailboxes 2016-03-07 ✓ stable
Skip Quoted Managing quoted text in the pager 2016-03-28 ✓ stable
Status Color Custom rules for theming the status bar 2016-03-07 ✓ stable
TLS-SNI Negotiate with a server for a TLS/SSL certificate 2016-03-07 ✓ stable
Trash Folder Automatically move deleted emails to a trash bin 2016-03-07 ✓ stable
Use Threads Improve the experience with viewing threads in the index 2021-08-01 ✓ stable

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