Skip Quoted Feature

Managing quoted text in the pager

1. Support

Since: $skip_quoted_offset in NeoMutt 2016-03-28, $toggle_quoted_show_levels in NeoMutt 2019-10-25, <skip-headers> in NeoMutt 2021-02-05

Dependencies: None

2. Introduction

When viewing an email, the <skip-quoted> function (by default the S key) will scroll past any email headers or quoted text. Sometimes, a little context is useful. By setting the $skip_quoted_offset variable, you can select how much of the quoted text is left visible.

When using the <toggle-quoted> function (by default the T key), it can be convenient to hide text that has been quoted multiple times while still leaving quoted text that is relevant to the unquoted reply intact. This can be done by setting the $toggle_quoted_show_levels variable.

Also, it can be handy to jump directly to the start of the email body with the <skip-headers> function (by default the H key).

3. Functions

Table 37.1. Skip Quoted Functions

Menus Default Key Function Description
pager H <skip-headers> jump to first line after headers

4. Variables

Table 37.2. Skip-Quoted Variables

Name Type Default
pager_skip_quoted_context number 0
skip_quoted_offset synonym pager_skip_quoted_context
toggle_quoted_show_levels number 0

5. neomuttrc

# Example NeoMutt config file for the skip-quoted feature.

# The 'S' (skip-quoted) command scrolls the pager past the quoted text (usually
# indented with '> '. Setting 'pager_skip_quoted_context leaves some lines
# of quoted text on screen for context.

# Show three quoted lines before the reply
set pager_skip_quoted_context = 3

# The 'T' (toggle-quoted) command hides quoted text, but can
# be limited to only hiding deeply-nested quotes.

# Preserve the first level of quoted text
set toggle_quoted_show_levels = 1

# vim: syntax=neomuttrc

6. Known Bugs


7. Credits

David Sterba, Richard Russon

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