Compose to Sender Feature

Send new mail to the sender of the current mail

1. Support

Since: NeoMutt 2016-10-02

Dependencies: None

2. Introduction

The compose-to-sender feature adds a new command to start composing a new email to the sender of the current message. This is not a reply, but a new, separate, message.

It works on tagged messages too, sending one email to all of the senders of the tagged messages.

3. Functions

compose-to-sender adds the following function to NeoMutt. By default, it is not bound to a key.

Table 10.1. compose-to-sender Functions

Menus Function Description
index,pager <compose-to-sender> compose a new email to the sender of the current email

4. neomuttrc

# Example NeoMutt config file for the compose-to-sender feature.

# --------------------------------------------------------------------------
# FUNCTIONS – shown with an example mapping
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Compose a new email (not a reply) to the sender
bind index,pager @ compose-to-sender

# vim: syntax=neomuttrc

5. Known Bugs


6. Credits

Brian Medley, Guillaume Brogi

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