fmemopen has been disabled until an awkward bug has been fixed

Fmemopen Feature

Replace some temporary files with memory buffers

1. Support

Since: NeoMutt 2016-03-07


open_memstream(), fmemopen()from glibc

This feature can be enabled by running configure with the option --enable-fmemopen

2. Introduction

The fmemopen feature speeds up some searches.

This feature changes a few places where NeoMutt creates temporary files. It replaces them with in-memory buffers. This should improve the performance when searching the header or body using the $thorough_search option.

There are no user-configurable parts.

This feature depends on open_memstream()and fmemopen(). They are provided by glibc. Without them, NeoMutt will simply create temporary files.

3. See Also

4. Known Bugs

debian bug 834408

5. Credits

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