This feature is still under development

Command-line Crypto (-C) Feature

Enable message security in modes that by default don't enable it

1. Support

Since: NeoMutt 2024-01-21

Dependencies: Gpgme

2. Introduction

This feature allows enabling message security in modes that don't enable it by default. Those include batch mode, sending a postponed message, and resending a message.

This allows using NeoMutt as a driver for git-send-email(1), to send patches in signed and/or encrypted mail.

3. Usage

To send an email from a file, enabling cryptographic operations as when sending interactively, simply use the -C flag.

$ neomutt -C -H - < /mail/to/be/sent

4. neomuttrc

# Example NeoMutt config file for the cli-crypto feature.

set pgp_default_key = "1111111111111111111111111111111111111111"
# Sign all mail
set crypt_autosign = yes
# Encrypt mail if all recipients have valid public keys
set crypt_opportunistic_encrypt = yes
# Self encrypt mail
set crypt_self_encrypt = yes

# vim: syntax=neomuttrc

5. gitconfig

# Example .gitconfig config file for the cli-crypto feature.

sendmailcmd = neomutt -C -H - && true

6. Credits

Alejandro Colomar, Richard Russon, Jenya Sovetkin

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