Limit Current Thread Feature

Focus on one Email Thread

1. Support

Since: NeoMutt 2016-03-28

Dependencies: None

2. Introduction

This feature adds a new way of using the Limit Command. The <limit-current-thread> function restricts the view to just the current thread. Setting the limit (the l key) to all will restore the full email list.

3. Functions

Limit-current-thread adds the following function to NeoMutt. By default, it is not bound to a key.

Table 23.1. Limit-Current-Thread Functions

Menus Function Description
index <limit-current-thread> Limit view to current thread

4. neomuttrc

# Example NeoMutt config file for the limit-current-thread feature.

# Limit view to current thread
bind index <esc>L limit-current-thread

# vim: syntax=neomuttrc

5. Known Bugs


6. Credits

David Sterba, Richard Russon

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