User Contributions to NeoMutt

Further project data and information provided by NeoMutt users


NeoMutt is a fantastic program. It’s versatile, configurable, scriptable…

This is your chance to help other NeoMutt users…

  • Have you got a config file that everybody should be using?
  • Have you written a script that makes life easier?

If you are a GitHub user, you can propose your improvements as a pull request at the repository of this site, or raise a NeoMutt issue to tell us about your idea.

Or, you can contact the lead developer, Richard Russon <>


Name Description Author Readme Status
Colorschemes Some colorschemes for NeoMutt Freed-Wu colorschemes ⚠ devel
Header Cache Benchmark Script to test the speed of the header cache Pietro Cerutti ✔ stable
Keybase Keybase Integration Joshua Jordi keybase ⚠ devel
Useful Programs List of useful programs interacting with Mutt Tobias Angele ✔ stable
Vi Keys Easy and clean Vi-keys for Mutt Ivan Tham vim-keys ⚠ devel
Vim Syntax Vim Syntax File Richard Russon ✔ stable

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