This feature is still under development

Vi-keys for Mutt

Now’s the time to let your finger Rest In Peace without those weird combination. And of course, don’t just let your time to learn Vi be wasted.

Quick Start

Add the file and your ~/.mutt and add source vim-keys.rc to your ~/.mutt/muttrc.

  1. Rolling cursors: H, M, L, ^E, ^Y, ^F, ^B, ^D, ^U and of course gg, G
  2. Deleting stuffs: dt, dT, dd (Thread)
  3. Folding origami: za, zA (Alternate)
  4. Coming soon… (And must be aligned)


  • Visual + Interactive Vi-key cheat sheet for Mutt (similar to
  • Maybe remove dd since it’s hard to press?
  • How about a command mode (for real power!), isn’t there :?
  • What is :g/spam/d
  • :q (I type this way too often) (me too)



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