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What's going on?

If you are interested in contributing, please have a look at our Newbie Tutorial.

Any development on features is done in "devel/" feature branches in the NeoMutt repository. Once development is complete, the work will be merged into the "neomutt" branch.

Finally, some automatic checking is done on commits and pull requests for NeoMutt. It benefits from two free services (free for Open Source). They are triggered on every commit to GitHub.

Travis CI automatically build projects on every commit (Continuous Integration). Coverity performs static analysis on the code looking for potential problems.

code status coverity status web status Coverage Status


Development docs

Title Description
Analyze NeoMutt Ways to Analyze NeoMutt's code
Architectures List of supported architectures / operating systems
Autosetup Build System Configuring the build of NeoMutt
Branch Names List of Branches in the NeoMutt Repo
Bug-Fix Week A Period of Stabilisation
Building NeoMutt How to build NeoMutt from the source code
Closed Discussions Closed and stalled discussions on GitHub
Coding Style The preferred style for code committed to NeoMutt
Debugging NeoMutt How to Debug NeoMutt
Deployment using Travis Update the website when certain build succeed
Docs Rebuild (Re-)Building the Documentation
Documentation Description of NeoMutt's documentation process
Doxygen Comments Formatted Comment Blocks
Easy Tasks A Great Way to get started in Open Source
Glossary A collection of abbreviations/acronyms
Hard Problems A list of problems we really need help for
Issue Labels Labelling of GitHub issues
Making NeoMutt How NeoMutt Assembles the Source
Newbie Tutorial Things every Newbie Should Know
Obsolescence A list of old projects that can be forgotten
Releases Releases of NeoMutt and Mutt
List of Repos List of GitHub Repositories
Roadmap The Future of NeoMutt
Signing Code / Releases Be Sure You're Getting the Real Thing
Translating Strings How to Translate Strings

Blue sky

NeoMutt also has a couple of speculative ideas:

Note: These are just toys (for now).

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