Easy Tasks

A Great Way to get started in Open Source

Start Coding on NeoMutt (with help)

  • Are you a keen NeoMutt user?
  • Would you like to help the NeoMutt Project?
  • Can you write code in C?
  • Do you know the basics of git version control?

We’ve documented some “easy” coding tasks and we’re looking for volunteers.

The tasks are:

  • Simple - You don’t need to be a C master to do them
  • Understandable - You don’t need to know the insides of NeoMutt
  • Low priority - If it takes you a while, it doesn’t matter
  • Mentored - A NeoMutt project member will be assigned to help you

Get involved. YOU can make a difference!

Thanks ♥ The NeoMutt Team

How Do I Get Started?

First you’ll need an account on GitHub. This is NeoMutt’s home and where all the development happens.

Now might be a good time to build NeoMutt for yourself.

The download pages for your OS should be helpful to install the dependencies you’ll need to build NeoMutt. Then, Building NeoMutt will show you the steps to download, configure and build the source. Later you might need the Debugging NeoMutt page to help you debug and test your changes.

Now, let’s find a challenge… Click on good first issue Some are very simple, but they all need doing and we’d love some help.

When you’ve found an task that you like, add a comment to show your interest. Then start asking questions. (Contacting the developers)

What Happens Next?

  • Ask questions
  • Write code
  • Create a Pull Request
  • Have your code reviewed by the NeoMutt admins
  • Have your code accepted and merged
  • See your code released (and get your name in the release notes)
  • Get an Invite to join the NeoMutt Team

We’ll talk you through the steps as you get to them.

What Else do I Need to Know?

Medium Tasks

The “medium” tasks are hopefully a small step up from the “easy” tasks.

These tasks:

  • Are more complex than the “easy” tasks
  • May require some investigation beforehand
  • May involve changing lots of code and dependencies

For example:

  • Refactoring a large piece of code
  • Adding a small new feature

Help will be available, but we’ll expect you to be more self-sufficient.

Click on help wanted to get started.

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