Distributions that support NeoMutt


The table below gives instructions about how to install or compile NeoMutt for all supported distributions, and also gives the maintainer and home page of the NeoMutt packaging for this distribution. If your distribution isn’t listed here, you can always build your own NeoMutt from the source code (see the first table row).

Install Instructions Maintainer Home Page
Build from Source NeoMutt Project
Arch Linux inglor, freswa
CentOS / RHEL Richard Russon
CRUX Tim Biermann
cygwin Federico Kircheis
Debian Antonio Radici, Faidon Liambotis
Exherbo Linux Kevin Decherf
Fedora Richard Russon
FreeBSD Baptiste Daroussin
Gentoo nicolasbock
GNU Guix The GNU Guix team
Homebrew Alex Pearce
MacPorts l2dy
NetBSD Thomas Klausner
NixOS Linux Charles Strahan
OpenBSD Stuart Henderson
openSUSE David Sterba
Void Linux Toyam Cox

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