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NeoMutt is provided as a separate package in -current/snapshots. The first release containing it will be 6.1.


The Mutt and NeoMutt packages don’t coexist, so remove Mutt first if installed:

# pkg_delete mutt

Then install NeoMutt, choosing from the list of pre-built packages:

# pkg_add neomutt
Ambiguous: choose package for neomutt
a       0: <None>
        1: neomutt-20161028
        2: neomutt-20161028-gpgme
        3: neomutt-20161028-gpgme-sasl
        4: neomutt-20161028-sasl
Your choice:


# pkg_add -u neomutt


# pkg_delete neomutt

Building from source

To install the main dependencies for building NeoMutt and documentation:

# pkg_add docbook-xsl lynx gettext

Now you can follow the guide for building NeoMutt.

Alternatively, checkout/update the ports tree and build in the usual way (NeoMutt is in /usr/ports/mail/neomutt).


These instructions will help you install all the dependencies you’ll need to debug NeoMutt.

Now you can follow the guide for debugging NeoMutt.

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