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openSUSE Support
Leap 42.x or before unsupported
Leap 15.x supported
Tumbleweed supported

The neomutt package has been added to openSUSE Tumbleweed in 2018 and is not present in any other released versions (like 13.x or Leap 42.x). The first long-term with neomutt is Leap 15.


The neomutt package can be installed in parallel with mutt. The configuration files are not shared. There is some level of support of mutt configs by neomutt, but this can change in the future and is intended only for the transition period. Please read more about that in the configuration docs.

Additional packages:

  • neomutt-doc - additional documentation that contains eg. config examples, color schemes and other docs
  • neomutt-lang - translations
  • vim-plugin-neomutt - vim plugin for syntax highlighting for neomuttrc files
zypper in neomutt


zypper up neomutt


zypper rm neomutt

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