logo NeoMutt for Debian

Maintainers: Antonio Radici, Faidon Liambotis


Debian, Ubuntu

Currently in Testing. Note, that there’s currently no plain Mutt package available in Debian testing, because it was substituted with NeoMutt.


apt-get install neomutt


apt-get update && apt-get upgrade


apt-get remove neomutt

Building from source

The command

apt-get build-dep neomutt

will install all build dependencies of your NeoMutt package. Note that you may have to install additional packages, if you’re running Debian stable and want to build the most current version of NeoMutt.

Now you can follow the guide for building NeoMutt.


These instructions will help you install all the dependencies you’ll need to debug NeoMutt.

Now you can follow the guide for debugging NeoMutt.

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