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Both the latest release and the neomutt branch in the repo are supported. Other feature branches may work, but there is no guarantee.


NeoMutt is available in the [community] official repository as neomutt and can be installed with pacman.

pacman -S neomutt

If you want to customize the options or use unmerged features, retrieve the PKGBUILD via svn and edit it.

svn checkout --depth=empty svn://svn.archlinux.org/community
svn update neomutt
cd neomutt/trunk

The sections of interest are:

  • build: you can change the compile options after ./configure. In particular, this is where you have to add the cache backend you want to use if you want something else than the default.
  • source: you can change the #branch=neomutt and replace neomutt with the branch you want to use. This is only for the neomutt-git package in the AUR.


Neomutt can be updated together with other packages in the repositories.

pacman -Syu

If the package in the Arch Linux repositories is outdated, first ensure your mirrors are up-to-date:

pacman -S reflector
reflector --verbose --latest 5 --sort rate --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

If this did not help, check the version on the packages website and flag the package out-of-date if required. Note that a package should only be flagged if a newer stable release is available.


To remove NeoMutt along with any dependencies that will be orphaned use the following command:

pacman -Rsc neomutt


Arch Linux does not have separate -dbg packages. In order to debug neomutt, you must first compile with debug symbols. Edit the PKGBUILD adding the following:

options=(debug !strip)

Build and install the new package which contains debug symbols.

makepkg -si

Now you can follow the guide for debugging NeoMutt.

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