Index Color Feature

Custom rules for theming the email index

1. Support

Since: NeoMutt 2016-03-07


status-color feature

2. Introduction

The index-color feature allows you to specify colors for individual parts of the email index. e.g. Subject, Author, Flags.

First choose which part of the index you'd like to color. Then, if needed, pick a pattern to match.

Note: The pattern does not have to refer to the object you wish to color. e.g.

color index_author red default "~sneomutt"

The author appears red when the subject (~s) contains neomutt.

3. Colors

All the colors default to default, i.e. unset.

The index objects can be themed using the color command and an optional pattern. A missing pattern is equivalent to a match-all .* pattern.

color index-object foreground background [pattern]

Table 20.1. Index Colors

Object Highlights
index Entire index line
index_author Author name, %A %a %F %L %n
index_collapsed Number of messages in a collapsed thread, %M
index_date Date field
index_flags Message flags, %S %Z
index_label Message label, %y %Y
index_number Message number, %C
index_size Message size, %c %cr %l
index_subject Subject, %s
index_tag Message tags, %G
index_tags Transformed message tags, %g %J

4. neomuttrc

# Example NeoMutt config file for the index-color feature.

# Entire index line
color index white black '.*'
# Author name, %A %a %F %L %n
# Give the author column a dark grey background
color index_author default color234 '.*'
# Highlight a particular from (~f)
color index_author brightyellow color234 '~fRay Charles'
# Message flags, %S %Z
# Highlight the flags for flagged (~F) emails
color index_flags default red '~F'
# Subject, %s
# Look for a particular subject (~s)
color index_subject brightcyan default '~s\(closes #[0-9]+\)'
# Number of messages in a collapsed thread, %M
color index_collapsed default brightblue
# Date field
color index_date green default
# Message label, %y %Y
color index_label default brightgreen
# Message number, %C
color index_number red default
# Message size, %c %cr %l
color index_size cyan default

# vim: syntax=neomuttrc

6. Known Bugs


7. Credits

Christian Aichinger, Christoph Myon Berg, Elimar Riesebieter, Eric Davis, Vladimir Marek, Richard Russon

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