:book: Notes

This is a small Bug-Fix Release.

In particular, it fixes a few small quirks in the new Expando code.

:gem: Sponsors

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Jakub Jindra
Scott Kostyshak
Ander Punnar
Igor Serebryany
Martin Spendiff
Mark Korondi
Mateus Etto
J Sheng
Tillman Jex
  • Robert Labudda
  • Patrick Koetter (@patrickbenkoetter)
  • Sebastian Kowalczyk
  • 海老根蓉也
  • Reiko Kaps

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:heart: Thanks

Many thanks to our regular contributors:

:beetle: Bug Fixes

  • #4263 fix: cache naming
  • #4261 expando: fix conditional padding
  • #4261 expando: fix container
  • #4261 expando: add lower-case operator
  • #4261 expando: add external filter
  • imap: add mailboxes more directly

:black_flag: Translations

  • trans: tidy messages

:books: Docs

  • doxy: add missing params

:building_construction: Build

  • #4268 Filter out CFLAGS with paths from the output of ‘-v’
  • #4273 guard truecolor functions in tests
  • #4275 use homebrew in macOS build

:gear: Code

  • use Buffer rather than strcat()
  • ncrypt: use gpgme types consistently