Big Bugfix Release

First, many thanks to new NeoMutt contributors: Alex Pearce, Stephen Gilles and Olaf Lessenich

This release sees lots of bug fixes. Thank you to all the people who reported problems.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix crash caused by sidebar_folder_indent
  • Allow the user to change mailboxes again
  • Correct sidebar’s messages counts
  • Only sort the sidebar if we’re asked to
  • Fix refresh of pager when toggling the sidebar
  • Compose mode: make messages respect the TITLE_FMT
  • Conditional include if sys/syscall.h
  • Build fix for old compilers
  • Try harder to keep track of the open mailbox

Changes to Features

  • Allow sidebar_divider_char to be longer (it was limited to one character)
  • Ignore case when sorting the sidebar alphabetically

Other Changes

  • Numerous small tweaks to the docs
  • Lots of minor code tidy-ups
  • Enabling Notmuch now forcibly enables Sidebar (it is dependent on it, for now)
  • A couple of bug fixes from mutt/stable

These patches apply to Mutt-1.6.0