Big Bug-fix Release

Slightly later than planned.

This release sees lots of bug fixes. Thank you to all the people who reported problems.

Change in behaviour

  • Temporarily disable $sidebar_refresh_time Unfortunately, this was causing too many problems. It will be fixed and re-enabled as soon as possible.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix several crashes, on startup, in Keywords
  • Reflow text now works as it should
  • Lots of typos fixed
  • Compress config bug prevented it working
  • Some minor bug-fixes from mutt/default
  • Single quote at line beginning misinterpreted by groff
  • Setting $sidebar_width to more than 128 would cause bad things to happen.
  • Fix alignment in the compose menu.
  • Fix sidebar buffy stats updating on mailbox close.

Build Changes

  • Sync whitespace to mutt/default
  • Alter ChangeLog date format to simplify Makefiles
  • Use the new notmuch functions that return a status
  • Rename sidebar functions sb_* -> mutt_sb_*