Mailing lists for Users and Developers

Announcing the arrival of the NeoMutt mailing lists.

NeoMutt Users

This list is ideal for new users of NeoMutt and people wanting to learn more.

All non-technical NeoMutt discussions are welcome here.

  • What’s your favourite feature?
  • Do you have a killer config file?
  • Have you found a bug?
  • Do you want some help?

When asking for help, please remember that we’re volunteers. (oh and check Google first :-)

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NeoMutt Developers

This is a technical list, used for discussing the code, build and documentation of NeoMutt.

Users of rolling releases, such as Arch and Homebrew (OSX) are advised to join, to get early warning of new bugs.

Discussions here are likely to be about:

  • Bugs
  • Features
  • Code
  • Distros
  • Enhancements
  • Git

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  • Send emails in plain text, not HTML
  • Use an informative subject line
  • Keep attachments small, or better still: link to the files
  • Remember that we’re volunteers and we may take a while to reply