Important Note

The keybindings of several features have been turned. They had been remapping keys that Mutt used. You can find a list of the problem keys in issue #111. The features come with a sample config file which will allow you to create your own keybindings.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix data-loss when appending a compressed file
  • Don’t paint invisible progress bars
  • Revert to Mutt keybindings
  • Don’t de-tag emails after labelling them
  • Don’t whine if getrandom() fails - Adam Borowski (@kilobyte)



  • Support for $XDG_CONFIG_HOME and $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS - Marco Hinz (@mhinz)


  • Fix DocBook validation
  • Document Notmuch queries


  • More Autoconf improvements - Darshit Shah (@darnir)
  • Create Distribution Tarballs with autogen sources - Darshit Shah (@darnir)