Start Coding on NeoMutt (with help)

  • Are you a keen NeoMutt user?
  • Would you like to help the NeoMutt Project?
  • Can you write code in C?

I’ve documented six “easy” coding tasks and I’m looking for volunteers.

The tasks are:

  • Simple – You don’t need to be a C master to do them
  • Understandable – You don’t need to know the insides of NeoMutt
  • Low priority – If it takes you a while, it doesn’t matter
  • Mentored – A NeoMutt project member will be assigned to help you

List of tasks:

  • Add New Hooks for Startup and Shutdown
  • Sidebar Divider Improvement
  • set variable = $default
  • Create a new variable $net_folder_format
  • Forgotten Attachment Improvement
  • Clean the NeoMutt Build

Get involved. YOU can make a difference!