This release is quite feature-heavy. It should be stable, but if you’re cautious, there will be a bug-fix release very soon.

  • Notmuch
    • <modify-labels> can now toggle labels (!label)
    • Search windows (create a time frame and move it back/forward)
  • Config files
    • source command will now look for files relative the current file
    • multiple config files can be specfied on the command line
  • Message pattern ~m can use a relative syntax
  • New config option $empty_subject for replying
  • Add SASL PLAIN mechanism as an authenticator


Many thanks to our new contributors:

and our regular contributors:


  • Add option for missing subject replacement (@gahr)
  • notmuch: Allow <modify-labels> to toggle labels (@bbenne10)
  • Support for aborting mailbox loading (@guyzmo)
  • Do a buffy check after shell escape (@nobrowser)
  • Support of relative paths sourcing and cyclic source detection (@guyzmo)
  • Support of multiple config files as CLI arguments (@guyzmo)
  • Extend the ~m pattern to allow relative ranges (@nobrowser)
  • Implement SASL’s PLAIN mechanism as a standalone authenticator (@gahr)
  • Add support for sensitive config options (@gahr)
  • Searching with a window over notmuch vfolders (@guyzmo)


  • fix vim syntax file for index-color commands (@mrajner)
  • add .editorconfig (@toogley)

Bug Fixes

  • fix global hooks to not take a pattern (@guiniol)
  • Avoid breaking relative paths when avoiding cyclic checks on (@gahr)
  • Fix sorting when using ‘/’ as a namespace separator (@gahr)


  • Added waffle badges to readme (@guyzmo)
  • Describe the new message ranges (@nobrowser)
  • add documentation for -DS command line switch (@guyzmo)
  • fix typos in section on config locations (@cdroege)
  • remove reference to missing keybinding
  • fix docbook validation


  • Start migrating to stdbool logic (@guyzmo)
  • add recursive mkdir()
  • reformat the source to mutt standards
  • appease