This is a bug-fix release.


Many thanks to our regular contributors:

Bug Fixes

  • Get the correct buffer size under fmemopen/torify (#441) (@gahr)
  • Use static inlines to make gcc 4.2.1 happy (@gahr)
  • getdnsdomainname: cancel getaddrinfo_a if needed (@sileht)
  • imap: remove useless code (#434) (@toogley)
  • Fixes missing semi-colon compilation issue (#433) (@guyzmo)


  • github: added template for Pull Requests, issues and a (#339) (@toogley)
  • editorconfig: support for new files, fix whitespace (#439) (@toogley)
  • add blocking fmemopen bug on debian to manual (#422) (@toogley)


  • Increase ACCOUNT.pass field size. (closes #3921)
  • SSL: Fix memory leak in subject alternative name code. (closes #3920)
  • Prevent segv if open-appending to an mbox fails. (closes #3918)
  • Clear out extraneous errors before SSL_connect() (see #3916)