• Upstream adopt “Encrypt to Self” We have synchronised our config names to theirs. The old names will still work, but will be deprecated in the future. For up-to-date docs, see:

  • Two config variables have been renamed for consistency: The old names will still work, but will be deprecated in the future.

    • “quote_regexp” -> “quote_regex”
    • “reply_regexp” -> “reply_regex”


Many thanks to our new contributors:

and our regular contributors:


  • browser: <goto-parent> function bound to p
  • editor: <history-search> function bound to Ctrl-r
  • Cygwin support:
  • openSUSE support:
  • Upstream Homebrew support: Very soon -

Bug Fixes

  • gmail server-size search
  • nested-if: correctly handle “<” and “>” with %?
  • display of special chars
  • lua: enable myvars
  • for pgpewrap in default gpg.rc
  • reply_regexp which wasn’t formatted correctly.
  • parsing of urls containing ‘?’
  • out-of-bounds read in mutt_str_lws_len


  • Review fuzzy lt translations
  • Updated French translation


  • Installation guide for Cygwin
  • Installation guide for openSUSE
  • Installation guide for CRUX


  • check that DTDs are installed
  • autosetup improvements
  • option for which version of bdb to use
  • drop test for resizeterm – it’s always present


  • split if’s containing assignments
  • doxygen: add/improve comments
  • rename functions / parameters for consistency
  • add missing {}s for clarity
  • move functions to library
  • reduce scope of variables
  • boolify more variables
  • iwyu: remove unnecessary headers
  • name unicode chars
  • tailq: migrate parameter api
  • md5: refactor and tidy
  • rfc2047: refactor and tidy
  • buffer: improvements
  • create unit test framework
  • fix several coverity defects


  • Fix s/mime certificate deletion bug
  • Disable message security if the backend is not available
  • Fix improper signed int conversion of IMAP uid and msn values
  • Change imap literal counts to parse and store unsigned ints
  • Fix imap status count range check
  • cmd_handle_fatal: make error message a bit more descriptive
  • Create pgp and s/mime default and sign_as key vars
  • Add missing setup calls when resuming encrypted drafts
  • mutt_pretty_size: show real number for small files
  • examine_directory: set directory/symlink size to zero
  • Add history-search function, bound to ctrl-r
  • Avoid a potential integer overflow if a Content-Length value is huge