After a year’s development the previous release wasn’t very stable.

Sorry about that.

This bug-fix release fixes the majority of the outstanding problems. We’re still working on a few others, but we felt it was important to get these fixes out as soon as possible.


Many thanks to our regular contributors:

Bug Fixes

  • Mailboxes command with empty backticks
  • Mbox save-to-trash
  • Mkdir for new maildir folders
  • Maildir: new mail detection
  • Truncation of “set” command on a path variable
  • Update crash (when changing folder)
  • Resolve symbolic links when saving a message
  • Folder-hook calling “unmailboxes *”
  • Failed ssl negotiation
  • Crash when using “alias -group”
  • LibIDN error when charset wasn’t set
  • Notmuch abort entire-thread if database lacks message


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  • 100% German
  • 100% Czech