NeoMutt based on Mutt 1.7.0

The wait is over. This is it!

All the features of NeoMutt on top of the latest version of Mutt.

If you find a bug, please raise an issue.


Name Description
Compressed Folders Read from/write to compressed mailboxes
Conditional Dates Use rules to choose date format
Fmemopen Replace some temporary files with memory buffers
Ifdef Conditional config options
Index Color Custom rules for theming the email index
Initials Expando Expando for author’s initials
Keywords Labels/Tagging for emails
Limit-Current-Thread Focus on one Email Thread
LMDB LMDB backend for the header cache
multiple-fcc Save multiple copies of outgoing mail
Nested If Allow complex nested conditions in format strings
new-mail Execute a command upon the receipt of new mail.
NNTP Talk to a Usenet news server
Notmuch Email search engine
Progress Bar Show a visual progress bar on slow operations
Quasi-Delete Mark emails that should be hidden, but not deleted
Sidebar Overview of mailboxes
Skip-Quoted Leave some context visible
S/MIME Encrypt to Self Save an self-encrypted copy of emails
Status Color Custom rules for theming the status bar
Timeout Run a command periodically
TLS-SNI Negotiate with a server for a TLS/SSL certificate
Trash Folder Automatically move emails to a trash bin