Feature Release

New Features

  • Colouring Attachments with Regexp Guillaume Brogi (guiniol)
  • PGP Encrypt to Self Guillaume Brogi (guiniol)
  • Sensible Browser Pierre-Elliott Bécue (p-eb)
  • Reply using X-Original-To: header Pierre-Elliott Bécue (p-eb)
  • Purge Thread Darshit Shah (darnir)
  • Forgotten attachment Darshit Shah (darnir)
  • Add sidebar_ordinary color

Bug Fixes

  • align the nntp code with mutt Fabian Groffen (grobian)
  • check for new mail while in pager when idle Stefan Assmann (sassmann)
  • Allow the user to interrupt slow IO operations Antonio Radici (aradici)
  • keywords: check there are emails to tag
  • fix duplicate saved messages
  • flatten contrib/keybase dir to fix install
  • restore the pager keymapping ‘i’ to exit
  • proposed fix for clearing labels
  • notmuch: sync vfolder_format to folder_format


  • Update List of Features and Authors


  • fix configure check for fmemopen
  • use fixed version strings


  • Increase date buffer size for $folder_format.
  • Disable ~X when message scoring.
  • Fix pgpring reporting of DSA and Elgamal key lengths.
  • Stub out getdnsdomainname() unless HAVE_GETADDRINFO.
  • Autoconf: always check for getaddrinfo().
  • Add missing sidebar contrib sample files to dist tarball.