Important Note

An upstream Mutt change has removed the $locale config variable. It didn’t quite do what the user might expect. This change also introduces a new variable $attribution_locale which controls the translation of the “On {date}, {user} wrote” reply string.

Bug Fixes

  • Avoid segfault when listing mailboxes on startup John Swinbank (@jdswinbank)
  • Fix buffer overrun in search for attach keyword James McCoy (@jamessan)
  • Fix off-by-one in error message Antonio Radici (@aradici)
  • fix AC_INIT tarname parameter
  • fix crash when exiting the pager
  • fix another crash in the pager
  • nntp: close message handles
  • fix: make the pager more robust
  • fix sidebar sort order
  • fix notmuch tag completion


  • doc: Removes bug entry in new-mail docs Santiago Torres (@SantiagoTorres)
  • fix some translations in crypt-gpgme.c Antonio Radici (@aradici)
  • docs: mass tidy up


  • Fix sidebar documentation a bit
  • Add unsidebar_whitelist command
  • Remove the $locale configuration variable
  • Add $attribution_locale configuration variable
  • Add missing include <locale.h> to send.c and edit.c
  • Filter out zero width no-break space (U+FEFF)
  • Update a confusing and obsolete comment
  • Moves mutt_copy_list to muttlib.c, where it belongs
  • Redraw screen after an SSL cert prompt
  • Preserve message-id and mft headers for recalled messages
  • Fix openssl 1.1 compilation issues