Important Note

The pager crashes should now be fixed.

A recent change to the pager (to allow index updates) caused crashed for a lot of people. Sorry about that. We’ve tried to make the pager as bulletproof as we can.

More worryingly, the changes caused some unexpected behaviour in the gcc compiler. gcc decided some of the checks weren’t necessary. This option has been disabled and more investigation is planned.


Many thanks to our new contributors: Chris Czettel, Clemens Lang, Johannes Weißl, Tobias Angele and our regular contributors: Guillaume Brogi, Pierre-Elliott Bécue.


  • Kyoto Cabinet header cache Clemens Lang (@neverpanic)
  • Compose to Sender Guillaume Brogi (@guiniol)
  • Forgotten Attachment uses a regex Johannes Weißl (@weisslj)
  • Optimize LMDB’s hcache backend Clemens Lang (@neverpanic)
  • Sensible-browser behaviour fixes Pierre-Elliott Bécue (@P-EB)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes repaint problem with $pager_index_lines #159 Chris Czettel (@christopher-john-czettel)
  • Quasi-Delete: check there’s a selection
  • Bulletproof the pager
  • Typo in the version string


  • Add badges to README.neomutt Tobias Angele (@toogley)
  • Added Mailinglist mailto links to “Where is NeoMutt” section Tobias Angele (@toogley)
  • Fixed typo of devel mailinglist name Tobias Angele (@toogley)
  • Document the Kyoto cabinet hcache backend
  • Fix the layout of the syntax file
  • Make the license clear to github
  • Fix the alignment in a ‘nested-if’ example
  • Fix notmuch vim syntax file
  • Fix build of neomutt-syntax.vim


  • Travis: install the kyoto-cabinet dev files
  • Build source before docs
  • Build fix for strndup / malloc
  • Change gcc build options to prevent crashes


  • Ensure signatures exist when verifying multipart/signed emails. (closes #3881).
  • RFC2047-decode mailto url headers after RFC2822 parsing. (closes #3879)
  • RFC2047-decode mailto header values. (closes #3879)
  • Reset invalid parsed received dates to 0. (closes #3878)
  • Clear pager position when toggling headers.
  • Don’t abort the menu editor on sigwinch. (closes #3875)
  • Mark some gpgme pgp menu keybinding translations as fuzzy. (closes #3874)
  • Check for NULL mx_ops in mx.c
  • Use body color for gpgme output. (closes #3872)
  • Fix gpgme segfault when querying candidates with a ‘+’ in the address. (closes #3873)